Guest Speaker of the Week

🔊 Guest Speaker of the Week 🔊

Alicia Ellison with Aria’s Planet, a non-profit organization inspired by Aria, a 5 year old (and daughter of Alicia) who is diagnosed with DDX3X a rare genetic disorder.

The Aria’s Planet mission is to organize community events that create a safe place for special needs children and their families to engage in activities that expose them to the arts while also developing support groups for parents. 🌎

Alicia is also an author of 2 Children’s Books, 👧🏽 as the fundings support many of the activities hosted by this organization. 📖

You can support the cause by purchasing one of these books through the following Amazon links:

📚 Aria’s First Day of School

Aria’s First Day Of School

📚 Aria’s Trip to the Waterpark

Aria’s Trip To The WaterPark (Arias Adventures)

#KidsNeedKiwanis 💙